Saturday, May 15, 2021

June Meeting and Field Day

  June Meeting and Field Day 2021

Join Us for an In Person Meeting and Activities

When:  June 12th, 10:00 to Noon (June 19th rain date)
Where:  Joseph Klinelhutz' apiary, approximately 2 miles NE of Iowa City
Who:  All members and prospective members are welcome to attend
Contact:  Please email Jim Davis to register, since parking is limited.  More information, regarding directions to the site, will be sent upon registration, which is free.
Masks should be worn if you are not vaccinated.
Attendees should bring a lawn chair and protective bee garb if you plan to be near bees.
A short meeting will be followed with an introduction to the site and several activities, which may include colony inspection, demonstrations of mite checks, splits and setting up a nuc.

Hope to See You There!!