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Do you have an extra nuc you want to give away or trade?  Are you raising queens?  Are you looking for an extractor? 
Here you can give away, sell, ask for or trade anything related to beekeeping. 
(Please remember that in Iowa, used beekeeping equipment needs to be inspected prior to sale.)
Buy Sell or Trade: The following members have beekeeping supplies for sale.
Paul Gardner: Hives, Packages, Queens, and other beekeeping supplies. 319-400-4228
Tim Wilbanks: Packages. 319-321-2494
Dave Campbell: Will be selling woodenware equipment at the March meeting.
Shane Bixby: Full line of equipment and packages. or 319-721-3493

Kalona Honey Company

Spring 2016 Packages
Package Bees
3lb. packages with an unmarked Italian queen will be available on multiple loads beginning in late March through mid-May.  *Late March to mid-April packages are recommended only for experienced beekeepers with drawn comb and knowledge of cold-weather feeding.  Mid-April to mid-May packages are recommended for beekeepers starting with new foundation.  Orders will be filled by request of preferred delivery date and by order of payment.  **As always, remember that the weather in GA affects the exact delivery dates.  

My suppliers this year will be:  H&R Apiaries, Wilbanks Apiaries, Wilbanks Farms, and Rossman Apiaries, all in south GA.  All sources of bees and queens are state inspected, and a state apiary health certificate is available upon request. 

2016 Package Pricing
Qty:    1-9= $115/ea 
               10-99= $110/ea 
             100+= $105/ea
*no cage deposits or refunds*
*Extra mated queens= 1-9= $30/ea  10-99= $27/ea  100+= $25/ea*
*limited quantities available*
Reserve your packages by:
phone:  319-321-2494
website:   *click on the package bee tab and fill out the order form)
email:   *include full name, phone number, address, quantity of packages, and preference for timeframe--late March/early April, mid-April, or late April/mid-May). 

I will begin accepting payment AFTER  Jan. 1st, 2016 with full payment due by March 1st, 2016.
Checks may be mailed to:
Kalona Honey Co.
2104 Hemlock Ave.
West Chester, IA  52359
(an invoice/receipt will be sent out after payment is received)

Packages may be picked up at my place: 
2104 Hemlock Ave.
West Chester, IA  52359

Tim Wilbanks
Kalona Honey Company


More Packages for Sale

I am a beekeeper in SE South Dakota and I am reaching out to surrounding Bee Clubs in the Midwest, we are fortunate this year to have very strong bees coming back from the winter and I am looking to sell up to 100,  2.5 lb packages of bees for $75/package with pick up available in the next 1-2 weeks. If you know anyone in the East Central Iowa Beekeeping Association interested in purchasing packages of bees please let me know or feel free to pass along my contact information, I can be reached at 605-360-0088 or via email, we also can be found on FB as Ruyter Apiaries.
Thanks for your time!
Andrew Ruyter
Hello I am looking for someone to put up and take care of a hive in my garden.  I have little over acre and half of produce that needs a little bee activity.  Please e-mail me with questions at  I live by the Muscatine area.

To post a comment on this page, please use the comment link at the bottom of the page.  Once you have bought, sold or traded what you want, please post that as well so old posts can be removed but active ones can remain.


  1. I am looking to buy bee's wax so that i can make homemade creams and lotions. I would like to support local beekeepers rather than buy from an online source from out of state. If you have any information please contact me at:

    Thank you
    Sue Whalen
    Des Moines

  2. I am looking for someone that might be interested in placing some hives in a 13 acre timber area south of Lowden, Cedar County. I can be contacted at

  3. Hi-Will there be classes held winter 2016? Thanks, Liz

    1. Liz, check with Indian creek nature center for info about classes.

    2. There are classes at wickiup hill learning center. If you have questions please give me a call 319-721-3493

  4. I have 2 hives that are queen less, I need 2 mated queens ASAP. Can I get a little help?
    Dustin Lee

    1. Have you tried Adam Ebert in Mt. Vernon? (319) 430-3514

  5. I have bees in my foundation , I live in Fairfield ia. I asked several people about bee removal and no one seems to know anything good other than kill them. Please call me as I need to get them out and relocate them! 641-455-2932 Liz miller

    1. Liz -- if you still need bees removed, contact Karl Kates 455-4445. He is considerate and skilled. Several have been relocated to our you still make apple spread? LMK. John Freeberg 451-0438

  6. Carniolan Bee Packages for 2017!

    I've just secured packages for spring. These aren't southern or California raised. These are good ol Midwest raised bees, from a very small supplier. These are the very first bees that Erin and I started with and prefer. In our experience with this supplier, we have found that these bees are good builders, good honey producers and most of all they are truly very gentle. Wickiup hill learning center, (Toddville IA) will be the primary drop point again this year. Drop date TBD. Unmarked queen. Packages will be $130ea this year. As of right now I don't know if there will be any extra queens available.
    I am willing to make extra stop and drops if there is a GROUP need.
    If your interested in preordering please contact me.
    I will be adding these to our site, if you'd like to order and pay by CC. If you prefer to pay by check, You can send me your name, address and your phone number (this will be the number I use to contact you when we have a delivery date.) on an index card, along with your check.
    Payment must be received by Friday January 27th 2017 or until we're sold out. If you have any questions please contact me.
    We will also be posting our new catalog for all your beekeeping needs.