the Trading Post

Do you have an extra nuc you want to give away or trade?  Are you raising queens?  Are you looking for an extractor? 
Here you can give away, sell, ask for or trade anything related to beekeeping. 
(Please remember that in Iowa, used beekeeping equipment needs to be inspected prior to sale.)
Buy Sell or Trade: The following members have beekeeping supplies for sale.
Paul Gardner: Hives, Packages, Queens, and other beekeeping supplies. 319-400-4228
Tim Wilbanks: Packages. 319-321-2494
Dave Campbell: Will be selling woodenware equipment at the March meeting.
Shane Bixby: Full line of equipment and packages. or 319-721-3493
Hello I am looking for someone to put up and take care of a hive in my garden.  I have little over acre and half of produce that needs a little bee activity.  Please e-mail me with questions at  I live by the Muscatine area.

To post a comment on this page, please use the comment link at the bottom of the page.  Once you have bought, sold or traded what you want, please post that as well so old posts can be removed but active ones can remain.


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  3. Hello bee keepers I’m looking to buy local bees or a nuc available for this spring. I live in Allison, Iowa and work in cedar falls/Waterloo area. If you have bees for sale in the area contact me at Thank you!