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Are you new into beekeeping?  If you would like to work with an experienced beekeeper who will help you with any questions or concerns you may have, whether it is what kind of equipment do you need to start out, how to get bees, or if you would like someone to help you get started, the following is a list of people who are willing to help you out.

Floyd Otdoerfer  319-351-7428

Dave Irvin  319-331-6590

Will Swain

Jim Davis 319-626-2998

Looking for a mentor?

If you are starting beekeeping or are thinking about it and would like to work with an experienced beekeeper, post a comment at the  bottom of this page that includes your name and contact information (phone # and/or  email address) and a little bit about what you'd like to do, whether have someone to guide  you through the process of beginning beekeeping or just be available to answer questions from time to time. Your information will be posted here. Hopefully you will get a response!

Good morning...Wanted to put my name on the list looking for someone to do a little one on one bee mentoring with me :-) This is my second season bought a nuc this past June..they are still doing great, lost my first hive last winter. My name is Douglas Monk 13982 Rock Road Monticello IA phone # 319-821-1382. I realized a few weeks ago, I need to find a bee keepers group and start coming to the meetings..hope to make it to the next one on September 10th. thanks in advance. DM

Introduction To Beekeeping (A Primer On Getting Started)
This three session course is a comprehensive introduction designed for people who are curious about beekeeping or who are getting started with their first bee hives.  It has information which experienced beekeepers have found both interesting and informative. The presentation covers an overview of beekeeping in the United States,  initial hive setup, nutrition, and inspection techniques to maintain a healthy vibrant  colony.
Instructor:  Ed St.John, a certified  Master Beekeeper from the University of Montana.  John has been  keeping bees for 8 years.
February 5, 12 and 19   
5:30 to 8:30
Cost: Free.  Prior registration is not required.
Coralville Public Library, Meeting Room B

Topics include:  
Legal considerations; Location; Colony Organization;
Bee stings;  Installing bee packages; Spring Mainentance;
Bee Health in the US; Nucs;  Making Splits;
Varroa Mite;  Bee Nutrition/feeding; Queens;
Beekeeping-time and money;  Seasonal Considerations; Swarm Prevention;
 Honey and Honey Extraction;  Diseases, Pests, Predators;   Honey Extraction
Pollination;   Inspections: Healthy Colony Checklist;
Bee Calendar;  Over Wintering;                    
Honey Bee--Apis Mellifera;  New Apiary; Types of hives;
Hive Components and Hive Setup

Kirkwood Community College
What's the Buzz--Beekeeping?
Kirkwood is again offering several introductory beekeeping classes for 2019.  For more information, check out Kirkwood.

Indian Creek Nature Center
Indian Creek has offered beginning beekeeping classes for a number of years.  It is a good program that takes you through the entire process of beekeeping. For information about the beekeeping classes for 2019, please contact Indian Creek Nature Center

You're Invited

Just wanted to send out an invitation the new "Iowa B Club" hosted by Wickiup Hill Learning Center for anyone interested in bees and pollinators. One component of beekeeping is that the learning never stops. Whether it is your first hive or your hundredth, your bees can throw you a curve ball. Although there is endless information on the internet regarding beekeeping this hobby and industry is extremely localized, what works for those in Texas might not work here in the Cedar Valley. Join other beekeepers in the area to exchange local support, education, encouragement and help to promote the health and well-being of our bees. Most beekeepers find joining a club invaluable.

Each month, 3rd Tuesday of the month
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30

Where: Wickiup Hill Learning Center-10260 Morris Hills Rd, Toddville, IA
Rick Hollis' <strong>maps</strong> and handouts

Erin Miller
Master Beekeeper

Online Beginning Beekeeping Course

Mike White, ISU viticulture extension specialist, informs us in his Wine Grower's News about a 37 part online video series sponsored by the Ohio Produce Growers and Marketers Association and the Ohio State Beekeepers Association.  This apparently has been awhile in the making and should be a very fine resource for beginning beekeepers.  In addition to the 37 videos, there is an accompanying online text you can download.  Check it out here.

Do you enjoy talking with others about bees and sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm?
Volunteers will be needed for the following events.  Check back here for information on whom to contact to sign up to help.

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  1. Learn to be a successful beekeeper from
    two Certified Master Beekeepers.
    Classes start in January

  2. Hello,

    I am new into beekeeping here in East Central Iowa. I recently learned a lot about beekeeping while I was working and doing it in New Zealand. Now, I want to set up something here back at home :)

    I would love to get in contact with some other beekeepers in the area. Does anyone know how to get onto a local swarm catching list for the Iowa City area? If anybody needs help with working their hives or anything else, please comment back!



    1. Contact info is:
      319 530 7949

    2. Joseph,
      We keep a page here called "Got Swarms" (see the sidebar on the right side.) I'll add your name and contact info to the list of those who would like to be called for swarms.