Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is a notice that the normal meeting time for March has been changed, due to a scheduling conflict.  Instead of meeting on a Monday as usual, we will meet in meeting room A on Wednesday , March 13th.

Need a brand spanking new, complete hive?  Paul Gardner is offering a complete, hand built hive to be raffled at the March meeting.  The hives are complete, with frames and foundation, @ deep hive bodies, and 1 med II. super, screened bottom board, slotted inner cover with upper entrance, and telescoping cover.  Please plan to come and purchase a ticket (or two or three!) for $5.00 each.  The funds from this raffle will go directly to the club.  Thanks, Paul, for this most generous offer.  (Stay tuned--Paul has also indicated he plans to have some queens available for auction in June, as well!)

Paul at work building the hives in his shop


Dues and Bee Hive Raffle.  I’ll collect 2013 membership dues, $5 per member or couple, at the March meeting.   As a further money-raiser, Paul Gardner has donated one of the hives he makes to be raffled off at that meeting.  These are special hives, painted, with screened bottom board, 2 hive bodies and one Illinois honey super, frames, inner cover and outer telescoping cover.  See a picture on Craig’s list,, and come look the raffle hive over before the meeting.  Raffle tickets will be $5 each.

Bring old bee supplier catalogs.  Dave Irvin always needs sample bee journals and bee supply catalogs to give to folks he meets at our fair booths who may be interested in beekeeping.  So don’t toss last year’s catalogs when the new ones arrive.  Just bring them in to the meeting: Dave wants them!

==Dave Campbell, secretary ECIBA