Sunday, December 18, 2016

Minutes from September 12, 2016

East Central Iowa Beekeepers Association: Meeting Notes from September 12, 2016 

General Business:

 Bob Wolff: There is growing interest for a beekeeping class in Coralville. If you would like to help organize or teach a class next year please contact Bob Wolff or Dave Irwin.

Upcoming Events:  104th Iowa Honey Producers Association Conference & Annual Meeting November 11-12, 2016 located at the Clarion Hotel & Convention Center, Cedar Rapids. Early bird registration ends October 31. If you know someone that should be recognized at the annual meeting, please contact Curt Bronnenberg at 515-480-6075 or Award categories include Pioneer, Distinguished Service, Education, Promotions, Friendship, and Youth Awards. Additional information and registration forms can be found at

ECIBA: Next Meeting December 12, 2016.

 Meeting Topics: Paul Gardner, Oxalic Acid Vaporizers: Paul provided information on how he is treating Varroa Mites with Oxalic Acid. To treat a hive Paul places a small amount of Oxalic Acid onto the vaporizer and places the vaporizer into the hive closing the entrance with a towel. Allow the Oxalic acid to vaporize approximately 2 ½ minutes. You will need to treat your hives with 3 doses on day 1, 7 and 14. Paul has started to make these vaporizers. He is offering them for $110 and it comes with 40 grams of Oxalic acid. Paul’s contact is 319-400-4228.

Dana Junkin, New Hive Design: Dana has created a new version of a top bar hive. This new design features a long hive camber that holds 24 deep frames, with two traditional deep supers on top of the hive. Additional features include an outer feeder and the option of adding a flow hive super. Dana reported that he overwinters by adding 2” of Styrofoam and covers the hive with tar paper. Dana is building this new hive design please call him for details: 319-930-5400.

James Miller, Quilt Boxes: James provided information to the group on how to use a quilt box to help with moisture when overwintering a hive.

 Brood Reminder: Offers professional grade monitors for beehives. The monitors can provide information on hive temperature, humidity, and weight. More information please see

Tim Wilbanks, Year End Review: In Iowa April start out to be a good start to the beekeeping season however we hit a cold wet patch making early April splits difficult. Some beekeepers may of faced Chalk brood due to the damp cool weather. Tim has taken reports of some beekeepers reporting a lower honey crop this year however Tim had a great year.  We need to be treating our hives for mites and preparing them for winter. This is the time of year that hives are rearing winter bees and the health of your hive is very important. The Farmers Almanac is reporting that this upcoming winter will be difficult. Along with mite treatment it is important that we are checking the hive for stores and feed if needed. *Remember that your bees will move from the lower brood box to the upper as the winter progresses. The upper brood box needs to full of honey stores. This is also the time of year to add mouse guards to your hives. Tim also reported that the demand for bee packages is high for next year.

Erin Miller Secretary  East Central Iowa Beekeepers Association

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